Арарат Кещян жутко боится развода The actor is doing everything to overcome the crisis. Ararat, Kesan noticed that many couples do not seek to save your marriage and easy to relate to divorce. The artist himself is always trying to compromise and put up with the shortcomings of his wife.
Арарат Кещян жутко боится развода

For five years the star of the series “Univer” Ararat, Kesan lives happily with his wife, Catherine. Together they have two daughters, eve and Diana, and dream about the birth of the third child. Ararat, Kesan became a father for the second time

The actor admitted that at the present time many do not appreciate the relationship with the second halves. According to his observation, a in a moment of crisis decide to divorce, not to save the marriage. Ararat noticed that most people split after one or two years. Like he had experienced in his life. Brother of actor was very worried about him.

“I remember when it happened, Ashot said is very significant for me words: “I am not afraid that you’re going to get a divorce is a shame, but nothing can be done. I’m afraid that you have atrophied relation to the importance of this event”. He rightly said,” remember, Kesan.

The actor admits that his family life there are different moments. However, he does not consider it a reason to divorce. Ararat understands that you need time to accept the opinions and positions of a loved one.

“In five years we with Ekaterina and screaming at each other, and offended. But I understand that this is nonsense. I have a lot of disadvantages, like any normal person. And Katya they are. You just need to accept them, to live, to digest and to reconcile with their pluses”, – shared his reasoning Ararat.

The actor first became a father at 35. He believes that previously weren’t ready for parenting. According to the artist, the man needs to stand on their own feet financially to support a wife and children.

“I will say this is a double – edged sword. I wonder: when my daughter was 25 years old, I’m 60. That is grandchildren, I’m too old to babysit, great-grandchildren can only hope. From this point of view, of course, bad to be so late. But there is an inner readiness, reasoned, Kesan. – I have a feeling that now I’m ready to be a parent. I just ate, all taken from life. Now we think about the third child.”

Despite the fact that many men dream about the advent of a family heir, Ararat in awe of the fact that he were born daughters. He admitted in an interview with “Leider” that girls are more disciplined and tidy.