Ararat, Kesan became a father for the second time

Арарат Кещян стал отцом во второй раз
Wife stars of the series “Univer” gave birth to another daughter.

Арарат Кещян стал отцом во второй раз

Daughter Of Ararat Cesana

Photo: @araratkeshchyan Instagram Ararat Cesana

Ararat, Kesan became a father for the second time. The Actor was born a girl called Diana. In his happy father has already appeared the first image of the newborn girl. “Gentlemen, our family has a new hashtag #Generaration!” — told fans and friends of Ararat.

That the star of “Univer” will soon become a father, became known recently when the future
happy father published in his microblog photo pregnant wife Catherine. With
first she willingly commented on an interesting position and answered
the questions of the fans. A few days before the birth he wrote that he feels the main character of the Saga “Twilight”.

Ararat, Kesan with his wife Catherine

Photo: Instagram

“In the last weeks of pregnancy I somehow remember Bella, when it was evident that she was very difficult, it breaks from the inside, it’s a pity to see, but she bravely endures all the hardships, shared Catherine. I don’t know why, but this image came to me the other day, when I’m waddling, got out of bed. The child is already so strengthened that 90% of his movements bring very noticeable discomfort. Especially when you feel that some part of the body the baby comes almost under the ribs. Until you experience for yourself, it is impossible to imagine. It’s weird and amazing at the same time. Just think: the little man in my belly, ready to release! There, in the sky, your feet in my side vanities, handles there fidgeting, squirms, responds to sounds! The little man in my belly… I will never cease to be amazed at this miracle of nature.”

In the family Cesena have growing up one child. In 2014, Catherine gave birth to a daughter called eve. For a long time star, the family hid the baby, and only recently the Ararat dared to show her face.