With Mikhail Zadornov said goodbye at a modest ceremony

С Михаилом Задорновым простились на скромной церемонии
Close sorry frozen fans satirist.

Mikhail Zadornov


In Moscow held a farewell to Mikhail Zadornov. Date, time and location were known in advance, but the native satirist insisted that the parting, at the will of the satirist, will be held in “closed” mode. “You all know about the ironic relation to Michael for publicity. He always guarded his and our lives from other people’s Intrusive intervention. Please respect his desire not to create a fuss about his death!” — stated in the message of the relatives of the satirist. Despite this, the fans, many of whom came from other cities, gathered this morning at the building of medical institutions to carry out favorite artist in the latest way.

An hour and a half devoted fans (about a hundred people) stood on the street in the hope that they will be allowed in parting with Zadornov. In the result the relatives of Mikhail regretted the frozen people and gave them a chance to say goodbye to the satirist. Then his remains will be ground transport delivered to Latvia, where will be buried near the grave of his father Zadornov. It was the last will of the beloved to millions of viewers satirist.

Mikhail died on 70-m to year of life as a result of cancer. His departure was a blow for a generation of Russians who grew up on his performances. For fans Zadornov left a farewell video shot on poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko “Go white snegi” in 2013.