Appeared in the press last autograph Maranova

В прессе появился последний автограф Марьянова The actor died last weekend. Journalists got hold of the note Dmitry Marjanova, in which the artist wished health and happiness to the patient undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence.
В прессе появился последний автограф Марьянова

According to one of the channels, Dmitry Maryanov, who died Sunday, left his autograph to one of the clinic’s patients. The journalists had published a note in which movie star wished a speedy recovery to another patient.

Dmitry Maryanov, died 15 October in the 48th year of life. The official representative of the artist Alevtina kungurova told reporters that he was treated for his back at a clinic in Moscow where he arranged for friends. Contrary to the versions, this medical facility specializiruetsya not only on the deliverance of the people from alcohol addiction. There the actor was treated for an old injury of the spine. According to the woman, in the clinic he became ill, so had to send Maranova to a specialized hospital. The agent argues that the cause of death was detached thrombus, as previously Maryanov have complained of similar problems. Upon arrival, accompanying Dmitry transferred the patient to physicians who about 19:30 Moscow time stated the death of the actor.

The movie stars funeral will be held tomorrow, October 18, at the Khimki cemetery. Before that, the memorial service will be held at the House of cinema from 11:00 to 13:00.

В прессе появился последний автограф Марьянова

In the history of the death of the famous actor tried to understand the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Journalists conducted their own investigation into the death Maryanova. According to journalists, his last days Dmitry Maryanov spent the two-storey wooden house. According to some reports, this room is a narcological clinic.

В прессе появился последний автограф Марьянова

Brother of the artist Mikhail Maryanov said by telephone that the tragedy happened very quickly. According to him, shortly before his death, Dmitry complained of back pain. Close, according to a relative, I decided to take him for treatment in the clinic.

“Staff, I understand, called an ambulance. Seeing that will not wait, decided to go himself because he’s thrown a clot. The pathologist said that it was a matter of time… All went for seconds, for minutes. It happened very quickly. A few months ago he got the leg, he put the filter, he drank the diluting means. We went to the hospital, to the morgue, I myself became ill. I just woke up and went to his home”, – shared the artist’s brother.

As reported by REN-TV, law enforcement bodies check the information about the refusal of the ambulance to come to the call to Marianowo.

The death of Dmitry Marjanova came as a surprise to his doctors