Dad Anfisa Chekhova is ashamed of the work of the daughters

Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери Alexander Kniazev came to the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev. Man honestly told the guests and program experts that never loved her daughter and now from Chekhova he only needs financial help.
Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

In the episode “really” with Dmitry Shepelev, the father of the famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova Alexander Knyazev admitted guests and experts talk shows that never loved her daughter and is ashamed of it. According to him, dogs he had more tender feelings than a native child. Also an elderly man now trying to regain share in the apartment, which left Anfisa with her mother after the divorce.

“I saw her once or twice in childhood. I remember only a few episodes. I worked, studied and played sports. Moreover, disease was stalking me. I was at work,” said Alexander.
Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

Experts of the talk show asked the father Chekhova, a number of issues in which it became clear that the man never loved, a future star and is now ashamed of it. According to him, “children are an unwanted product,” after intercourse.

“I knew I loved dogs, but my daughter…Then I thought I didn’t love. But when she was swearing at me on TV, I have something skipped a beat. I saved her life. In childhood, when she belch drowned, I ran to her, and her mother then slept. If it wasn’t love, I wouldn’t budge,” recalled Alexander.
Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

Knyazev added that does not approve of a career daughter, and her entire way of life seems to him to be immoral. “I do not demand anything from her, I only require moral behavior in the arts,” said the man. Alexander admitted that he had raised a hand to daughter for educational purposes. The transfer was made by a friend Chekhova TV presenter and lawyer Katya Gordon who defended its interests. She told the guests and experts of the talk show, a man in childhood Anfisa shaved bald, which caused her great stress.

Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

Also on the show was invited the second wife of Alexander Ivanovich Mariana Urusova, along with his son Kirill. Ex-wife told the in-Studio talk show that Knyazev had left her, leaving one with the small child on hands. However, the woman does not hold a grudge against a former spouse. “Just our relationship degenerated then. He decided to leave,” said Marianne.

“Her son, she bore him, and I what? I once, and ran in the other direction,” said Alexander.
Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

Despite differences with his own father, Anfisa Chekhova developed warm and friendly relations with her half-brother Kirill. The young man admitted that he is very similar to the famous sister and is proud of kinship with her. The expert asked the young man: if he loves his father. Cyril responded positively, however, the lie detector showed that it is not so. According to the instrument, the guy is not experiencing warm feelings to the Pope.

Experts in the Studio of the talk show came to the conclusion: Alexander Knyazev is responsible only in his favor, he never admits mistakes in parenting.

Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери

A few hours after the broadcast of Anfisa Chekhova responded to the words of the father. TV presenter published a post in Instagram, dedicated to the relationship with my dad.

Папа Анфисы Чеховой стыдится работы дочери“They say, parents do not choose. But I am convinced that the soul does not accidentally come to this land, and to obtain the necessary lessons, and our parents, and children are the best teachers! Half my life I hated my dad, half my life learned to forgive him and got out from the very depths of his soul a child unconditional love. I did it! Despite the current hobby of my dad, to go and complain about me. I am very fond of him, and quite angry. Even with the humor, look at the whole situation. The thought that my father never loved me not give a heavy heart! I understood and accepted! And sincerely love him, just like that, just because he’s my dad, whatever it was,” – said the presenter to the admirers.

Chekhov thanked the father that he charmed the mother to the presenter, her mother, and as a result she was born. “I inherited from him the best: gab, eloquence, poetic talent and ambition! I have achieved in this life what he wanted to achieve. And I know he is proud of me as he can,” said the artist.

“Thank you for all the lessons! I try to assimilate it to the end! And I want to say a huge Thanks to my mom who is very worried when my dad goes on another show! She raised me by herself and loved me for two! She does not deserve the accusations and lies! Mummy, I will always protect you from all earthly collisions! Love you!” – Chekhov shared with fans.