Внешность дочки Риты Дакоты и Влада Соколовского вызвала споры
Young parents first showed the girl’s face.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky showed three-month-old daughter MIA. Young parents have long thought what format they want to introduce baby to the world. At first it was about the appearance of MIA in a glossy publication, but then the couple reconsidered. The debut of the daughter of Rita and Vlad was held in one of the videos family Youtube channel.

Dakota said that since the birth of MIA was tempted to publish her photo online. The artists turned out to be extremely charming daughter. From dad she inherited big blue eyes. This fact Sokolovsky, by the way, boasts a particularly.

Daughter Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky — MIA

Friends of the couple, incidentally, is still undecided on who is MIA like more: mom or dad? Surrounded by Vlad and Rita argue about it for several months. Now it is the turn of fans to do the same. Moreover, Sokolovsky asked fans to actively Express their point of view to establish the truth.

By the way, the last images shown in the video, was made in Bali, where the family of the artists departed after the celebration of the New year. The journey, Vlad and Rita turned an unpleasant adventure during a vacation Villa where they were staying, robbed.