«Может болен?»: Александра Домогарова перестали узнавать поклонники
The actor has appeared in celebration of the anniversary of Olga Kabo.

Alexander Domogarov and Katya LEL

Photo: @katyalelofficial Instagram Katya LEL

Recently Katya LEL has posted online a joint photo with Domogarova. That’s just to identify him, without reading the caption to the picture, turned out to be many users not. 54-year-old actor, according to most commentators, is strongly “handed” for the last time…

Some write that the process of aging is natural for everyone and there is nothing wrong. Others insist that Alexander just got a makeover and haircut, perhaps even new roles. And some have suggested that Domogarov is sick, and therefore looks different. “Worried about his health. Katya, tell me, is Alexander all right?”— interested members of the singer. The questions were so many that LEL has had to refute speculation about the disease Domogarova. “People, my dear! I beg you to treat every famous person in my account with respect! Look at yourself in the mirror: you are the ideal or are you getting younger and do not change with the years?! Be kind and reasonable! Thank you, if you hear me!”— posted by LEL.

It is worth noting that Alexander is becoming more selective in movie roles and TV projects. After starring in the TV series “Sorge”, where Domogarov played the main role, he took a short break. Now the actor with his head submerged in the work in the theater Mossovet. Alexander is busy in several performances: “the Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, “Three sisters”, “the Cherry orchard”, “Uncle Vanya” and others.