Olga Bartunkova exposed cheating with his extreme weight loss

Ольга Картункова разоблачила обман со своим экстремальным похудением
Star KVN laughed at myself.

Olga Bartunkova

Photo: @kartynkova222 Instagram

Olga Bartunkova is an example of that if you stubbornly go to the goal, the result will not keep itself waiting. KVN-size for a couple of years through sports and diets was able to lose 84 kilos. Olga inspires and motivates many. This has recently been exploited by fraudsters. They illegally used the picture Bartunkova in advertising for weight loss supplements.

Olga, oddly enough, I laugh malicious attempts to capitalize on her name. And all because, as Bartunkova does not publish in the Network candid photos (and the figure, of course, best seen on them), the crooks had to make an effort to get a piquant picture of Olga. This was done using photoshop: to the body of another woman stuck my head Bartunkova.

“No, I’m not against such priests, but… guys, well, at least learn “fotozhopa” to do. Are there people who believe it? Straight interesting. Every day I write and send such tricks. Please, advertisers, stop, beware the wrath of a patient man” — posted by Olga in his microblog.

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