Антонио Бандерас перенес операцию на сердце
The actor spoke about his illness.

Antonio Banderas

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Antonio Banderas, who came to Malaga to receive the award
during his career in cinema, appeared in the center of attention of reporters, eager to learn
about the state of his health. And he satisfied the curiosity of the press, describing
their problems.

Attention to the state of the actor is not accidental: 26 January appeared in the press
the reports that Banderas suffered a serious heart attack. He was urgently
hospitalized after being in his British estate in Surrey,
he felt a sharp pain in his chest. However, over the past two months
Antonio never confirmed this information. Now he has decided to tell
what happened to him.

“Indeed, in January I happened to have a seizure. But he wasn’t too
serious and has not caused significant harm to my health!” — cheerfully said
actor. Later, however, Antonio said that as soon as he had received medical treatment, doctors
did the surgery, setting three of the stent. This was done with the aim
to prevent a repetition of the incident. However, the fact such an operation that
would not say Banderas, indicates a fairly serious problem with it

Besides, about a week ago,
leaked information about the new admission of the actor. It happened in
during his stay in Switzerland with new girlfriend Nicole Kimpel. Although he
Antonio claimed he was just a checkup and his condition is now
is safe, everyone noticed what looked like Banderas is not too good.