Анфиса Чехова ответила на критику Владимира Познера
TV presenter admitted that he considered the opinion of the master is wrong.

Анфиса Чехова ответила на критику Владимира Познера

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Vladimir Pozner

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Anfisa Chekhov recalled the story when one of the most famous
presenters — Vladimir Pozner — I dared to criticize it. And the problem is that Posner has taken the liberty to judge a person,
with whom have never met in person. For people who are faced with
similar situation when their talents and abilities someone does not accept, Chekhov
gave useful advice.

“One day, Posner, in an interview, said that does not consider
me talented and professional personality — says Anfisa. To hear
these words from the TV master was unpleasant, especially considering that he
don’t know me personally. In such a situation when someone in authority does not recognize
your talents, and the results of your work seem to him doubtful, it is
several options: Look at yourself through his eyes, doubt
in themselves and undermine their self-esteem on mine its tough criticism. To be offended, insulted, hate
man, doubting your worthiness, to rush in desperate to defend
or to prove the opposite! And there is a third way which I went: to allow a person
wrong! To accept that he is not obliged to see you best not
generally is obliged to delve deeper and get to know you not obliged to love, admire and
anything good to see you! He has the right to look at you any
eyes and judge you through their own prism or filter. And his opinion
it does not detract from the properties of your unique personality! I wanted to write to you about
that would support those who to someone very important to them or
people, do not believe! Perhaps, once he will have the opportunity to change their
opinion, and, perhaps, to the end of his days, he will think about you so…. But let
the opportunity to make a mistake! No one will ever be able to give an objective assessment
of your talent! Everyone around watching us through! And condemn in us what
I can’t let myself! The main measure of your talent is that
someone is happy they do! Even if that someone is just You!”.

Recall, many Russian stars were against incorrect
the behavior of the broadcaster after the sensational scandal involving statements of Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Pozner in
the TV show “Minute of fame”. Viewers saw the episode where judges negatively
responded to room dancer Evgenia Smirnova. A young man with limited
was performed for the audience a fascinating dance. However, the judges
was dissatisfied with his performance. Posner suggested that it is not
likes to use these “forbidden ways”, hinting at the disability
dancer. And Litvinova offered to “fasten
second leg” in order not “to speculate on this subject.” After a serious hype, the jury was forced to apologize to the contestants, also in the First channel.