Трехлетний сын Марии Кожевниковой заработал первый гонорар
The boy set the family record.

Трехлетний сын Марии Кожевниковой заработал первый гонорар

Maria Kozhevnikova sons

Photo: Instagram

The eldest son of Maria Kozhevnikova, Ivan earned the first fee, the
putting family record. The actress says that their first money she
I earned myself five years. But her three year old son has already become the face of the spring-summer
the collection lookbook is a popular children’s company. So Maria decided to create for Vanya
a separate profile in the popular social network.

“So how many moms are asked to share the secrets
the education of children, — says the actress — I decided to create after a small
today’s events account for the eldest son of Ivan. There I will write about my
experiences and thoughts about food, vaccinations, the development of the main happiness and
the purpose is to be a mom!”

Maria said that Ivan has stood long
day, not caprinica, dressed many times with pleasure
posed, and at the end of shooting decided to take some photos yourself.
The fee Ivan received in the form of a gift certificate, which can be purchased
things from the new collection of the brand advertised for free.

The eldest son of Maria Kozhevnikova, Ivan

Photo: Instagram

This is not the first achievement of the eldest son of a star. So,
this spring Mary put Ivan on skates. The actress has asked for the help of his
dad — hockey player, two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov. At the request of Mary, he began training his grandson.

“It is finished! Winter has passed, and we only found the time! Today I
you are going pictures from our first out on the ice under a very strict leadership
grandfather… in ten minutes two-time Olympic champion got back, and
he let grandson free sliding, I must admit, Ivan accepted the challenge and
tried to cope with the bear, skates and something slippery under it!
Focused, stubborn, and brave!” — Maria boasted.