Актер фильма «Трудно быть богом» Валерий Величко ушел из жизни The actor died after a long illness. Valeriy Velichko, for half a century worked in the Ural theater. Soon he was to play in one of the productions, however, failed to overcome the disease.

      Актер фильма «Трудно быть богом» Валерий Величко ушел из жизни

      Today it became known that the actor Valery Velichko has died on 75-m to year of life. The man died in Yekaterinburg. As reported on the website of the Sverdlovsk state academic drama theater, the actor had a long sick spell. Very soon he was to play in the play. However, due to illness he was forced to abandon the rehearsals. Then the man found a replacement. Nevertheless, the troupe was hoping Velichko will take the stage. No one imagined that all will end so tragically. Employees of the theater, where Velichko worked more than half a century, mourn the actor.

      “The troupe of the Sverdlovsk academic drama theatre expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Valery Ivanovich”, – said in a statement.
      Актер фильма «Трудно быть богом» Валерий Величко ушел из жизни

      The General public knows Valery Velichko in episodic roles in such films as “Hard to be God” Alexis Herman, where the actor played the don Kaeo, “we Drove two drivers”, “Gold”, “Eger”, “SEL”, “halfway to Paris” and many others. Some colleagues say that the artist tried to find something special in their characters – a kind of rod, who was making his characters vivid and memorable. Close artist remember that even when Valery appeared in the frame only, the audience remembered well his heroes.

      “For me, a small role – it’s always interesting life of an interesting person. But because it requires filigree perfection”, – once said Velichko.

      Especially convincing Valery Velichko has been able to play comic heroes. His natural charm and ability to cheer people.

      “Valery really knew and loved to make people laugh: a unique human charm, plus a natural sense of humor brought him great success in the comic genre”, – said in a statement.

      Fans and colleagues mourn the deceased actor. While the date and time of funeral are not reported.