Антонио Бандерас показался фанатам после экстренной госпитализации

Recently Antonio Banderas have worried their fans. The world media had spread the news that the Hollywood actor was hospitalized with a heart attack to a hospital in Surrey (UK). It became clear that heart attack at 56-year-old actor while he played sports. Most likely, Antonio had not calculated their strength, but because he felt bad.

Now the health of Banderas is not in danger. He has been discharged from the hospital and enjoying the company of his beloved Nicole Kempel.

To appease the restless fans of Antonio rushed selfie, which he did, walking through the Park of the town of Cobham, Surrey. “Enjoying nature after a little fright. I kiss you”, — wrote the actor under the photo published in Instagram.

Recall that in the UK, Antonio moved to 2015. Banderas bought the mansion for $ 3 million, which is not far from the Central College of art and design, where Antonio is studying fashion. Upon completion of the training course Banderas wants to engage in large-scale production of clothing.