Brad pitt throws things out of the house owned by angelina Jolie

Брэд Питт выбрасывает из дома вещи, принадлежащие Анджелине Джоли

Once Brady pitt did really hurt Jennifer aniston, predpochel her angelina Jolie. Recently the actor has experienced the same pain and suffering, when all the same Jolie ripped his heart out with his statement about divorce and allegations of domestic violence and addiction to alcohol. Brad took less than six months to get over it, to accept the situation and understand that he can live happily ever after without Angelina.

Confirmation that pitt mentally said goodbye to Jolie is the fact that the actor is freed from all things that reminded him of his wife.

Neighbors of the mansion of the star couple, according to for several days there is an interesting picture: pitt throws things Jolie has the attitude. Here you can see the once-expensive pair of trinkets, and the furniture was just visualise from home movers.

Dimensional objects just salviniales in the van, and fines: picture frames, Souvenirs, decorative items — lay in the dust, to the delight of all who wish to buy a souvenir.

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind!