Дрю Бэрримор побила три мировых рекорда Гинесса

In the new edition of the Book of Guinness may receive the name of Hollywood actress drew Barrymore. The star of Comedy can get on the pages of the book thanks to his friend, TV host Jimmy Fallon.

Recently, drew was the guest of the show Fallon where she had to perform three tasks: lipstick 10 boys and girls in 30 seconds (the actress has done over 22), to run through 10 paper banners, and wearing a huge wig with a width of over two meters.

The task drew came up with all the responsibility, and therefore lost them all. By the way, in a giant wig Barrier even tried to dance and to bow. It looked very funny.

All jobs star of the film “Charlie’s Angels” was performed not just for its questionable “tricks” drew Barrymore was awarded a mention in the Guinness Book of records. Right in the air she was awarded a real diploma, fixing this fact.