Антон Гусев: «Я сделаю все, чтобы вернуть доверие Вики» A young man is going to Woo his beloved. Anton Gusev said the “StarHit” that is ready to put in the effort for Victoria romanet was again close. She, in turn, claims that are not yet ready to restore the relationship with him.

      Fans of the former participants “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev at the end of last week, with great regret and disappointment to the news that the couple broke up. Vic Romanets: “Anton and I are not a couple anymore!”

      Beloved were together from the autumn of last year. For Victoria Anton was survived by his wife Eugenia Feofilaktova birth to his son. From the relations of ex-participants “Houses-2” seemed perfect. Anton I gifted Victoria luxury bouquets and expensive gifts, and Vic would melt from the surge of emotions in the arms of the man she loved. But the beautiful fairy tale came to an end…

      However, as it was succeeded to learn “StarHit”, it is possible that this is just a disagreement, not a final rupture of relations. Anton Gusev makes it clear that he intends to fight for his beloved. The young man said he was ready on all for the sake of Victoria romanet was again beside him.

      “I began to love her even more, even stronger! said in an interview with “StarHit” Anton Gusev. – I treasure each of her hair, love her madly and will do anything to regain the trust. I will make every effort to make my beloved happy with me. But it takes time.”

      By the way, before the pair were seen together on the show designer Galiya Akhmatova. Vika romanet took part in it as a model, and Anton came to support their favorite. The young man settled down in the front row and filmed his favorite defile the catwalk in luxurious evening outfit. And then he gave Victoria a huge bouquet of red roses. Victoria agreed to pose with Gusev for a joint photo, which Anton then placed in the microblog.

      “I love you, Victoria romanet – once again publicly admitted Anton Gusev in his feelings. On today’s show you’ve got the most beautiful my girl”.

      On the causes of the disorder romanet and Gusev did not say. However, in an interview with “StarHit” the former participant of “House-2” has made it clear that the blame for the behaviour of the young person. And the fact that the day before she had received his flowers, is a meaningless gesture.

      “I’m Anton is not easy,’ said Victoria romanet. – He still needs to pass the test. I’m making him test.”

      Obviously eager to Woo the beloved Anton Gusev will cope with any obstacle.