Kate Gordon dreams of becoming a large mom

Катя Гордон мечтает стать многодетной мамой Just a month ago, a businesswoman second son was born. According to Gordon, the emergence of Leon have changed her life. She admitted she feels happy and was thinking about how in the future to have a third child.

      A month ago, the singer and lawyer Katya Gordon gave birth to her second son, who was named Leon. As he wrote in the microblog businesswoman, in the night from 19th to 20th February, she lost a lot of blood, and she had fears that her health may be at risk. However, all went well and two weeks later the woman was discharged from a maternity home. All while the star was in a medical facility, she rethought a lot of things. Katia enjoys every moment that she holds close to baby.

      Kate Gordon is desperately trying to reconcile with the father of the child

      In the microblog celebrities there was a picture in the signature to which the lawyer noted that today her successor was a month. Obviously, for Gordon, this event has become very important because she is actively preparing for the growing family. In the picture of the celebrity depicted, along with Leon, who lies in the cradle. Fans appreciate the beautiful baby carriage, standing near a businesswoman. Most members expressed the opinion that Gordon is the role of mother, and she’s great at her job.

      “Today we month. Wonderful month a completely different new life. True, deep life. I am the mother of two sons and I want more. This categorical love is just what you need my poetic soul. And, of course, words of gratitude,” wrote the celebrity on the Network.

      In his comments on the microblog Kate hinted that she would give birth to another child. Obviously, it is a great pleasure to educate both boys. The woman admits that it is difficult for her to cope with all alone, so she took the nanny who’s watching the heirs while Kate deals with operational matters. Fans biznesmen admire how much effort she puts into their own business. Despite the fact that Gordon was discharged from the hospital just two weeks ago, she did not linger in the decree.

      Note that the owner of legal office, grateful for the fact that it happened. While the star was in the hospital, she realized that she would like to establish a relationship with ex-husband Sergey Garinim with whom they have a son Dan. She hopes that them with the ex-spouse will be able to find a compromise.

      “We are in a protracted fight, and the father of my first child, Dani, Sergei Zhorin, he does not communicate. Serge, I’m largely to blame, not enough wisdom, patience, forgiveness and understanding… Forgive me as I forgive you for everything! I’m sure the time will come and we’ll be friends and laugh as they blow up the world with her scandals. I don’t want war and slander,” said Kate in a microblog.