Anton Gusev: “I Want to publicly ask for forgiveness Wiki”

Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения» Calling off the wedding ex-participant of “House-2” hopes that the celebration will still take place. Anton Gusev admitted that he likes Victoria romanet and doesn’t want to lose her. He hoped that the feelings girls are hot and ready to forget the insults.
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»

Last week fans of the former participants of the project “Dom-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev watching the drama between them. On Saturday Anton announced the cancellation of the wedding, which was to be held on the seventh of July.

The reason was the correspondence of Victoria and its Director in WhatsApp that Gusev “opened” with a special program. In messages with a friend girl Guseva discussed in a negative way, complained that he had not invested a penny in their wedding. Victoria also admitted that he does not like Gusev and marries him for the sake of PR.

On hearing this, Anton has publicly announced that it cancels the celebration. But now, when emotions calmed down, the young man realized that he did not wish to lose romanet…

“I want to publicly apologize to Victoria, – said Anton “StarHit”. I love her and miss her very much. Everything I said and did, it was on emotion, I regret my words and actions. I hope she’ll forgive me and the wedding did take place – perhaps not now, but later. And I’m ready to take on all the costs of the celebration.”—
Anton, in his interview, Vick called you a gigolo, saying that you live at its expense. Is this true?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»No. I think it is all it says on emotions. I earn 200 thousand rubles per month, the clothes bought by myself. Products in the house we bought in turn. Victoria says always pay for me in restaurants, but it is not true that can confirm her mother, who often visited with us institutions. Sometimes the account was closed, I sometimes Vic. Yes, expensive clothes she bought herself. But I don’t see anything wrong, after all she earns well.—
Victoria says I bought you socks and underwear…
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»It was one time, I did not ask her about it. Just she was shopping, she came out of the store, handed me a packet saying, I got captured, here. I’m still surprised: why? I have a lot of what panties, socks…—
You’ve hung out after the argument?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»Yes, yesterday talked for two hours, analyzed why things turned out…
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»
Vic is mad at you for canceling the wedding?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»Yes, but I hope it has cooled down.—
And you forgive her she told the man that marries you for the sake of PR?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»I’m sure this is not true and been said, or rather written, it is emotional. The last month of preparation for the wedding we were nervous we had a fight… it happens that the bride and the bridegroom swear in front of the celebration, there is nothing to worry. Know that Vicki curls today many psevdodruzey who urged on her not to communicate with me. I will say one thing: these people did not live together with us, they don’t know about our relationship, what we love…
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»
Do you think she still loves?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»Do not know… I Hope so. Before I was confident in her feelings, but lately too much, sorry, crap was all around us – discussions attacks antifanatov, gossip… I’m Afraid because of all this, Victoria was a little to cool off to me.—
On the Internet discuss that your argument about PR and trying to attract the attention of fans. What will you say?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»What nonsense? Such PR the enemy does not want… We publicly insulted each other, turned to the eyes of the public their dirty Laundry… Except healthy people can not do so because they are driven by emotions, and subject to cold calculation? I’m sure not. In that moment, when she cancelled the wedding, I wasn’t myself, I was ready to smash the whole world…
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»
Also have your fans there is a version that now you get back to your ex-wife Evgenia Feofilaktova from which your son Daniel…
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»It is possible. And I am, incidentally, surprised that Jack assesses our situation with Victoria, commented to journalists that we are likely to get together. If she is still on all this, why give the interview?—
Besides, Jack told me what you four weeks haven’t seen my son, do not help financially. They say, once a month turned six thousand, bought a sports suit and all. Is this true?
Антон Гусев: «Хочу публично попросить у Вики прощения»Yes, indeed, the last time Daniel and I was taken to her three weeks ago, it’s true. This is because wedding planning was busy. But before that, regularly, every two weeks spent with son time, plus we consistently talk on the phone every day. About money – with the suit I also bought him a scooter and other toys.