Алексей Панин пообещал снять горячее видео с новой девушкой The actor does not hide tender feelings to beloved. Alexey Panin pleasant to spend time in the Crimea, where he went with his daughter NUS. However, judging by the last frame, the company the artist was also a young brunette. Fans trying to establish the identity of the girl and waiting for provocative commercials.

Last week Alexey Panin with her daughter by NUS flew to rest on the Black sea coast, Sunny Yalta. Prior to this, the actor and his heiress took part in the filming of the clip Stas Kostushkin for the song “OPA! Anapa!”. In the microblog artist actively shared pictures with the child and showed a short video from the trip.

However, before Panin was intrigued thousands of people’s Instagram photos with the new girl. In the caption to one of the images the actor said: “Here is happiness”. Followers are speculating about who this mysterious stranger. Some believe that Alex twisted holiday romance.

“Pretty girl”, “Super!”, “Alex knows a lot about women”, “Intrigue. Alex, you’re sexy! Good luck, guys!” “Panin, I’m jealous”, “Well, only subsided the ocean of indignation at the sudden roller, lay down, gossip, poison, and Alex showed the world his new passion, as here, the storm came up”, “fooling around like that. You guys are awesome, not susceptible to public opinion,” discussed a series of pictures the artist’s fans.

While the actor himself does not mention the name of the lady, however, does not hesitate to answer some of the bold claims of the subscribers. The number of followers a joke in the review about the new the intimate commercials featuring the actor. What Panin with humor replied: “we’ll Try”. We will remind, about a month ago in the Internet appeared the provocative video artist. The man explained that they were all removed a long time ago, in a difficult period of life.

Most social network users are touched when you see pictures of Alexey with his daughter. According to people, the girl is happy. NUS itself claims not to want to live with her mother, Julia Yudintseva. The woman continues to fight for her daughter and wants to deny the former husband’s parental rights. Daughter of Alexei Panin: “Hate when my mom hugs me”

“I say – run! But where to go? To the mom who’s acting strange and kept drinking. I don’t miss her and don’t want to communicate, because she doesn’t understand me. When was the last time I saw her, she hugged me… it Was uncomfortable. I feel good to live with dad!” – said the heiress of the actor “StarHit”.