Anton Gusev forced to sell the family business

Антон Гусев вынужден продать семейный бизнес The man abandons a successful project. For several years Anton Gusev managed a clothing store together with Eugenia Feofilaktova. However, now that the couple are awaiting a formal divorce, they decided to get rid of common cause.

      The divorce of stars “House-2” Anton Gusev and member of Feofilaktova became known in late November. They told his fans that no longer see the point in living together. Now the couple are going through a difficult period – not so long ago between them, a scandal broke out in the struggle for the child. And now they are forced to share the family and business fashion stores that Gusev and Feofilaktova opened a few years ago. Apparently, a man not easy to part with a successful project, in which he had invested not only a lot of time and effort, but also the soul.

      Anton Gusev told about the consequences of the conflict with his wife

      “Friends, sell our business, well-known and successful brand GUSEVY. Well-established store and the brand more than four years. Huge accumulated database of customers. A registered trademark (international law). Its supplier base, professional and harmonious team, designed a beautiful and unified design of the store project, the possibility of franchise sales and network development not only in Russia but also outside,” wrote Anton in the microblog.

      This statement did not leave indifferent fans of Anton and Eugenia. Some assumed that General business and raising a child will be a kind of bridge between Gusev and Feofilaktova and perhaps this will reconcile the spouses.

      However, to Express their opinions on the page from a former participant of “House-2” fans now can’t. Apparently, gossip and recommendations from unknown people Guseva is so tired that he decided to disable the ability to leave comments for their publications.

      Anton shared with “StarHit” his thoughts about how he sees their future life after divorce. Despite the fact that many are discussing the affair of a man with another bright member of “House-2” Victoria romanet, Gusev now prefers to pay attention not love, and business.

      Anton Gusev on divorce: “Our Zhenya relationship has outlived its usefulness”

      “I want to evolve in your work, – said Gusev. – I have a son, so whatever happens, he needs, first and foremost, have something. I now say, “Probably, again will go to “the House-2″ look for love”. But for me it’s all in the past now, focus only business.”

      It is possible that after the sale of the family business, Anton decides to develop in another area, using the knowledge and skills acquired during the work with the store.