Nikolai Valuev almost died due to medical mistakes

Николай Валуев едва не погиб из-за ошибки врачей Boxer openly spoke about the treatment of a tumor which he was diagnosed a few years ago. In recognition of Valuev, he underwent two craniotomies. All this difficult period the man supported beloved wife Galina.

      Николай Валуев едва не погиб из-за ошибки врачей

      In 2013, boxer Nikolai Valuev admitted that he had to retire due to a brain tumor. The man was told that had a serious operation abroad, which lasted five hours. He had a craniotomy to remove the tumor, which could lead to premature death. It should be noted that Valuev secret of its appeal to health professionals and only two years after the official end of his career decided to make a Frank admission.

      Recently, Nicholas was the guest of the program of the First channel “About love”. The man said that he had to endure another operation. As it turned out, foreign medical experts did not remove the tumor until the end. The second time Valuev has appealed to the Russian doctors.

      “It’s genetics. Nobody can be insured. I had a small tumor of the pituitary gland. The operation had to be done twice. I went to Germany, and there is unfinished operation, which cost decent money. I have been quiet, but, thank God, in Russia found this story. In the end, it turned out that I have it and can produce relapses. Doctors is called acromegaly. I was forced to stop Boxing because of her. Then I have had two children and I decided that more risk is not necessary… for the second time all done in Almazovo, clean that failed the Germans”, – said Nikolay with a leading Sofiko Shevardnadze.
      Николай Валуев едва не погиб из-за ошибки врачей

      The broadcast Studio also visited the spouse of the sportsman Galina. A woman who supports her beloved husband. “She is the person in which you can be sure 100 percent,” said boxer.

      On the day of surgery Nicholas tried to prevent Galina from getting overwhelmed. He tried to convince her that nothing terrible happens and went to a medical facility without her. As a result, the chosen Valuev stayed home, and she had to know the status of my husband on the phone. To that end, she called a friend, who were in the hospital. “I had a terrible feeling,” – says Galina.

      When Nikolai did his second operation, his wife experienced a real shock. Galina frankly told about how she lived through that difficult period.

      “First there was a wild rage on the Germans. Because we lived for several years in the belief that we are all well and good. And when all was revealed, there was a great anger. I thought, “Why?” Told one thing, but in the end everything turned out completely differently. But all’s well that ends well”, – concluded wife Valuev.