Еще один финалист шоу «Голос» убит в США The contractor was shot on the day of his birth. 45-year-old Alejandro Fuentes was attacked by unknown on Thursday, and from his wounds before he died in a clinic in Chicago.

      Еще один финалист шоу «Голос» убит в США

      Member of the Mexican version of the popular worldwide show “the Voice” Alejandro “Jano” Fuentes was shot on June 16 in Illinois.

      According to foreign news Agency, the tragedy occurred on the birthday of the vocalist in Chicago, where he celebrated his 45th anniversary with friends. Witnesses told police that shortly before the tragedy Fuentes was in her fancy red convertible with a passenger, he was approached by an unknown man and asked to get out of the car. The singer has refused to do so. The attacker was gone, and after some time returned with a gun and fired several shots in the show “the Voice.” It is clarified that the singer has received three gunshot wounds to the head. Jano was immediately taken to a hospital in Chicago, where the doctors almost two days struggled for his life. However, their efforts were in vain – on the night of Sunday the musician died.

      It is worth noting that the attack happened on Thursday, but law enforcement is still no clear picture of the crime: and there is no suspect obscure the motives of the attack on Alejandro Fuentes. The police do not exclude that the purpose of criminal could be the car of the contractor.

      Alejandro Fuentes was a finalist for the Mexican show “the Voice” in 2011. He also owned the vocal Studio and art school in Chicago.
      Recall that just a week this is the second attack in the USA on the stars of the popular TV show. Shortly before the attack on Alejandro Fuentes, Orlando was killed by 22-year-old Christina Grimmie, lead singer of Before You Exit, and finalist of the American show “the Voice.” Shot after the concert, the singer died in the US

      During the autograph session one Kevin Loibl approached and fired several shots at her. After brother Grimmie tried to detain the criminal, he committed suicide. Law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that Kevin was hardly familiar with Christina. However, according to the chief of police Orlando John Mines, the purpose of Loibl was Grimmie. The motives of the crime are still unknown.
      Christina Grimmie became known for its own blog on YouTube, where he uploaded covers of songs by popular artists. At the moment the page of the singer more than three million subscribers. The number of views some clips Grimmie up to several million.

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