Daughter Katie Topuria strikes an unusual resemblance to mom

Дочь Кети Топурия поражает необыкновенным сходством с мамой The singer posted two photos on which her successor can not be distinguished. Fans Keti Topuria sure Olivia will grow up to be as beautiful as her famous mother. They called the girl a clone of Katie.

      Дочь Кети Топурия поражает необыкновенным сходством с мамой

      The soloist of group A’studio Katie Topuria showed, whose copy is her one year old daughter Olivia. After viewing the pictures in the microblog singer doubts on this score should not remain at anybody. Less than a month ago, when Katie Topuria has just unveiled the baby, showing her face, fans of the stars as with one accord, asserted that the girl is just like his father Leo Gahman. But as it turns out now that Olivia is still my mom’s daughter.

      In the microblog Keti Topuria published next two shots – its a year old and just made the frame Olivia. From two different photographs with a difference of decades, looks like the same person, same nose, eyes, lips, same cute curls fall on the forehead.

      “Here I a year”, – wrote the singer, as if urging fans to enjoy the similarities with my daughter.

      And correctly understood. “Copy! Although before this picture, to me, it is your copy! Just men always want to ascribe all”, “How much like my daughter!”, “Well. And all the writing is dad’s copy. Although, Katie, you are very like my husband!”, “Once seen, tried my mom’s copy!”, “A girl like you and a spouse, one can say: this is your baby, let him be happy”, “Such a beauty, so be it. Definitely, one to one is simple,” surprised fans Keti Topuria to its similarity with her daughter.

      Recall that the successor of the famous singer and her husband Leo Gahman was born 15 June 2015, and this week little Olivia celebrated her first birthday. Keti Topuria made a feast of his daughter in Italy

      In honor of the joyous event, the parents ordered a fancy cake for her daughter. But, judging by the video, which was published by Katie, little Olivia was drawn to a confection. It is with great enthusiasm responded to soap bubbles, show of animators and guests of the festival.

      Despite the fact that the parents loved the beauty of the daughter, they do not intend to overly indulge. “I think I’m going to educate so: you – me, I – you. If you want a doll, then do something, for example, to learn the poem. The child should not be the impression that everything comes easy,” – said about their system of Keti Topuriya.

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