Анна Старшенбаум воссоединилась с экс-супругом Last summer, the actress has split from her colleague Aleksey Bardukov. Star Union lasted seven years. Long time Anne hid from the son of Ivan the rupture of relations with his father.

In August of 2017 Anna starshenbaum broke up with her husband Aleksey Bardukov. The actors decided to be honest with the fans and told about the divorce on Instagram. Despite the fact that all the ex-spouses were aware of the incident, his son Vanya, Anna and Alex tried not to injure and not told the boy about the breakup. Some time the former husband and wife had continued to live as a family in one apartment.

“For me marriage is an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. If such a relationship is, a marriage. If the intimate relationship ends, it is divorce. Why child devote to the details of how we spend our time without it? It is important to be loved and that no one was fighting,” admitted Anna.

However, with Sep star parents finally parted, he was left to live with my mom. The actress was informed that his son, who in November was six years old, no longer so urgently needs mom and dad. The boy went to kindergarten, he has a lot of Hobbies and activities. Anna and Alex were able to maintain friendly relations with his son periodically visit children’s activities. So this time they are reunited for her son. For a while.

“At the premiere of the movie with ex-husband Alexei Bardukov and son Ivan” – said Starshenbaum fans.

The heir of the actors in the autumn of last year gave the first interview to the edition “StarHit”. The boy told about their Hobbies, Pets, and why he doesn’t watch movies, where they play famous parents. “They’re in the movie, and they’re on TV. But I adult movies until you can’t see,” said Vanya.

The son of actors told to the correspondent “StarHit” that loves animals. “With us in the apartment live two cats. Vaska most of all loves me. Muska modest. In the country there are still left and snow leopard. Plus two dogs – timoshka TM and UHL. I don’t feed them myself, it’s mom always makes. I just Pat,” said the heir to the actors.

In the preparatory class, his favorite subject is mathematics. However, Anna never noticed that my son shows an aptitude for the exact Sciences. “Don’t even know that the son of a liking for mathematics. I’m in school more into the Humanities and music,” shared the actress.Son of Anna Starshenbaum: “Adult movies I can not watch»