Дочь Дакоты и Соколовского чуть не задохнулась на отдыхе The girl’s mother told fans on Instagram that Bali, which is now the family lives of celebrities, burning dry rice fields. Acrid smoke had entered the house Rita and Vlad. Dakota had to hide for hours in the bathroom with the baby.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota with a newborn MIA for the past few weeks on holiday in Indonesia. Before the locals burned rice straw. Acrid smoke had entered the house of the star couple. A young mother had to hide the baby in the bathroom so the baby suffocated.

“Yesterday I had a terrible day and today is even worse. Yesterday the whole evening I spent on the bathroom floor with no Windows, to the sobbing baby in her arms, because in the neighborhood were burning the rice fields, and all could wind pulled us to the Villa. This is the only Villa in the area so help me there was no one. We all went to the hot springs and I rocked MIA and prayed that he vanished, unable to go anywhere. Yes, even out into the next room for water or for a toy. So lonely and helpless I never in my life did not feel myself. It really was the worst day of my life. Thank God, my baby well, she spent the whole evening in the bathroom, and I, while I was looking for food and water, blanket and a stroller for 15 times to and fro, inhaled this g*** all night I was in a fever. I wept until the morning. We decided to move back to the South, away from the Northern extreme,” – said Rita.

Star mother still can not recover after the incident. Fans of Dakota and Sokolowski left many sympathetic reviews. “God, what a nightmare. Read, and clenched inside. Rita! Hugged! Bless you!”, “The important thing is that now everything is well with you and your baby! I hope it will never happen”, “Health to you and your daughter!””As I understand you! Live in an industrial town, we have every day emissions from factories, it is impossible to breathe, the window is not open, permanent smog over the city! It’s terrible,” wrote netizens.

Rita advised young mothers to be vigilant and not to be one with the baby on hands. “We are all human beings and we are all equally powerless before elements. Protect yourself and your loved ones. This is the most important and valuable in our lives,” he wished Dakota fans.