Anna starshenbaum undressed for men’s magazine

Анна Старшенбаум разделась для мужского журнала
The actress became the heroine of the cover of the November edition.


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Анна Старшенбаум разделась для мужского журнала

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Anna starshenbaum undressed for men’s magazine MAXIM,
becoming the face of cover of November edition. The actress admitted that did not expect any
one cover as waiting for this. However, fresh spicy images star
share in no hurry, but willing to publish the last photo shoot for this magazine.
One of the photos the actress poses in only panties-a Thong. Artist
even had to use the retouching to the photo could be shown in
social networks. Fans are looking forward to the provocative sexual
pictures and also note that after the divorce she became more relaxed and

However, this happened not because the marriage
Aleksey Bardukov turned to Anna’s tragedy. On the contrary, having
divorce Starshenbaum admitted that my husband and I were in a friendly
relationships and incredibly grateful to him for “seven happy years”.

“We had
a wonderful seven years of marriage — told the actress. We will always be
very close people, friends. We parted without conflict and not because of
some specific events. Just, the time approached and finally
it’s now finally. We have a great dialogue. For me marriage is an intimate
the relationship between a man and a woman. If such a relationship is, a marriage.
If the intimate relationship ends, it’s a divorce”.