Glafira Tarhanova officially came out of the decree

Глафира Тарханова официально вышла из декрета
The actress began working in the theater “Satyricon”.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Photo: Instagram

Glafira Tarhanova returned to work in native theatre “the Satyricon”
six weeks after the birth. The actress was officially released from the decree.
However, unofficially, the star was not in petrodoom vacation and weeks.

Becoming a mom
fourth time on 19 September, star in a few days appeared in public, and
two weeks later went on tour on cities of Russia with the performance
“Wheel of fortune”. Some fans even began to accuse her that she
left the baby at home and was not the month to sit
on maternity leave. And here it turned out that no one is left.
It turns out that a newborn baby to go on tour with his all star mom!

“8 cities in 8 days! I am a mother kangaroo!!! says
Tarkhanov. — Thanks to colleagues for their support, patience and help! We did it!
And for everyone to discuss when to go to work, baby or no baby, I want
be well advised to remember the parable of the donkey, the old man and the boy someone who needs
to carry or bear!”

The tour for the entire creative team involved
newborn children. Son Tarhanova was a real son of the regiment, nursed him
all of the actors. And Ivan Zhidkova during the tour too
a son was born.