Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev expecting a son

Анна Снаткина и Виктор Васильев ожидают сына Celebrities who are raising a charming heiress Veronica started talking about a second child. Snatkina and Vasiliev are thinking about expanding the family. According to the couple, now their life together comes down to. The husband and wife told reporters that the dream about the boy.

      33-year-old Anna Snatkina and 41-year-old Victor Vasiliev – one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show business. The couple has an adorable daughter Veronica, who in April fulfilled for three years. As it turned out, the celebrities are preparing for the birth of the second child. Alice and Bob would like to expand family. Stars of hope will soon be able to realize their dreams in life. Vasilyev admitted that his fiancee wants a boy. The young father already have an idea of what to do with the heir.

      “Anya you thinking about expanding your family discuss this issue. And all to go. She told me a couple of years ago said, “Build a house, then we’ll talk about the second child.” When built, it was found that at first it should finish and enter there. That’s the issue. Nothing, I’m patient, can wait. You know what Anna wants a boy. I don’t mind. Will have someone to play football. Veronica the team will not take women’s football do not like. Here Boxing is another matter,” – said Viktor Vasilyev told reporters.

      By the way, in October, Victor Vasiliev and Anna Snatkina celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. According to the actress, she has no reason to doubt the loyalty to the spouse. The man is very kind to the heiress and also protects and takes care of his wife. Snatkina believes that the relationship should be built on trust, so as not to disturb your mate with accusations and suspicions. Victor could easily show his wife the contents of the phone, and she knows all passwords of a loved one.

      Snatkina told reporters that she believes her husband is the perfect dad. Vasiliev gladly babysit a two-month daughter when her mother was away on business. Victor admits that so loves little Veronica that nothing could refuse her.

      In addition, the lovers talked about family quarrels. According to the celebrities, they have some disputes, and slamming the door. By its nature, Anna is much more hot-tempered than her husband. Vasiliev explains that the nervous working of his lady. “And I understand that aggression is not directed at me, just got under a hand… And if there is a conflict situation, first go to reconciliation,” – said the showman, the actor and the publication of “Antenna-Telesem”.