Dmitry Tarasov spoke about family values

Дмитрий Тарасов заговорил о ценности семьи The fans hope that the player and TV presenter will soon be reconciled. While Olga Buzova resting with a friend Spain, Dmitry Tarasov spends time with his daughter from his civil wife Oksana.

      Fans with voltage monitor relationship between player Dmitry Tarasov and TV presenter Olga Buzova. Steam does not give clear comments about what is happening in their family, which creates fertile ground for all sorts of rumors and speculation. In each publication of Dmitry and Olga they are trying to find at least some explanation of what was the cause of the quarrel star couple. The player has placed in the microblog photo with her daughter angelina, Anna. As the caption to the picture he quoted poetic work dedicated to the family.

      Everyone has a purpose,
      one of them is family
      yeah that was like the citadel,
      as a powerful armor.
      So every day, among friends
      from beginning to end,
      the hearth was warm, the evening is quiet
      and in unison of the heart. And the joy of life – the laughter of children,
      For us – the soul of dawn,
      Because children is our success
      And for family – blessed light!

      Fans could not leave unnoticed the publication Tarasova and asked him to reconcile with his wife. “Dima and Olya, you do not have. Be together already! You only live once, forgive the sins of each other! We are all not perfect, everyone can stumble”, “to live with Olga and you will have beautiful children”, “Dima, I’m sorry Olga! I think now it will change,” commented fans.

      Friends of the family suggested that the cause of the quarrel was real. “He insisted that the mansion was designed by his mother Olga Aleksandrovna, – has told “StarHit” friend of the player Anna. To do so made him a bitter experience when he in 2011 to divorce his wife, Oksana, in court had to pay her $ 21 million roubles. Dima was afraid that Olga will be the same…”

      Despite the fact that Olga was trying to work so hard to get rid of the sad thoughts, she often came in a depressed mood. Tale Tarabrikov: why Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov was the envy of the whole country

      “On the court, we saw Olga without a wedding ring, so it should be for the role, and maybe even put an end to the marriage, – said the technical officer Ilya. – She’s often in tears, so make-up artists have to work over her face to hide the traces. Look at her – so pretty, and crying. It would any married took!”