Anna Shulgina looking for a “male” to create a family

Анна Шульгина ищет «самца» для создания семьи The singer told about what kind of guys she likes. According to Anna Shulgina, you should not choose a companion in life the heir of a wealthy businessman, because these types are usually not very independent. The artist prefers to meet with brutal guys.
Анна Шульгина ищет «самца» для создания семьи

Singer and actress Anna Shulgin tries not to advertise the events of his personal life in social networks. According to the celebrity, happy girls don’t post every day photos with Boyfriends on the social network to boast a satellite in front of a large audience of fans. The artist prefers to share in social media shots from the shooting of the clips or pictures from social events.

“For me, a real man should be with the concepts, to answer for his words. It’s street cred. I don’t like coiffed, glamorous boys, only sex you can tell that they are boys. Let it be a bit brutal, uncouth, but he will have their principles, which should be about the male in the family,” admitted Anna.

According to Anna, it is not necessary to choose a rich heirs, as their fathers at any time may lose business. The artist like the guys who do everything themselves. According to the girl, she still thought about the wedding and starting a family.

Soon, the singer plans to release a new song with the working title “the Last times” in which she revealed their secret emotions. According to Shulgina, the idea of the song came to her in that moment, when she was at home alone and thinking in silence. Anna told during filming for Fashion people, that it was hard to hold back the sobs, recording the track so personal it turned out.

We will remind, that Anna Shulgina meets rapper Sergei Slam. According to the girl, they had a full understanding. The guy is even familiar with the family of the chosen one. Anna Shulgin: “Beloved is not happy with me scandals over Boyfriends”

“I always choose only those who sees me for who I am. I love what I do, it’s part of me, so he understands everything. To my popularity, he is quiet. Even if some of the young men trying to win my attention, he’s not happy with the scandals, because he knows that I am adequate to the girl,” said Shulgin.