Emin Agalarov crazy sweetheart

Эмин Агаларов без ума от возлюбленной The singer and businessman spoke about the qualities of a lady. Emin Agalarov said that he was very good with Alena Gavrilova. He remembered that the girl he liked at first sight, but because he approached and started a conversation with her.
Эмин Агаларов без ума от возлюбленной

About the affair of Emin Agalarov with model Alyona Gavrilova became known last spring. The singer and businessman has appeared with her on one of the social events, thus introducing a new beloved. She recently participated in the filming of the video for the new song artist. Man glad this song sunk into the soul of his beloved, as she had previously refused to appear in his video works. Beloved Emin Agalarov pushed him in the pool

Emin happy that fate brought him together with a girl like Alena. He admires the character and inner qualities Gavrilova.

“In short, I definitely found her happiness. Alena – friend, confidant, partner in life. She understands me. I’m sure Alena will not fail and will not betray. She’s the most reliable back-up who is looking for every man. We’re good together”, – said Agalarov.

Apparently, Emin fell in love with the girl at first sight. According to him, their meeting was by accident – when he saw Alena, she loved him. The man remained nothing how to approach her and start a conversation.

“We knew nothing about each other – neither who I am nor who she is. But after some time it became clear that Allen liked my song Miss America, she she stood in the playlist. She shared this track on his page in Facebook, not even knowing that I live in Moscow. When Allen showed me the tape of 2012, I joked, “See, you loved me even before I met you!” – remembered artist.

Emin Agalarov raising children who were born in the marriage with the daughter of President Azerbaijan Leyla Aliyeva, – two sons and a foster daughter, ex-wife. Man tries to educate the heirs of the principles that was once invested in him by his parents.

Despite the fact that Emin is delighted with Alena, he realizes that at the moment his lover don’t spend time in the company of his sons.

“While this subject is still too early to discuss”, – said Agalarov in an interview with Hello!