Anna Shulgin is experiencing due to the betrayal

Анна Шульгина переживает из-за предательства The singer can’t believe she cheated. Anna Shulgin suffers from excessive openness and reflects on how to become more closed. She shared her thoughts with fans, who in return gave her some advice.

      Singer Anna Shulgin frequently tells fans about the various situations that occur in her life. The girl is watching the reaction of the members and asks them advice. At this time, the singer complained of excessive openness. According to her, she tries to be good all around people. As recognized by Shulgin, some take advantage of her kindness and do not tend to show the same warmth. Now the actress is thinking about how to review their behavior and become more closed, to avoid future heartache.

      “You know, I always wanted to give people good, can sometimes not come out, but I try. And sometimes, I feel that I’m very open to all, for all brand. Rarely, but thoughts of how to shut down and become a total bitch, bitch calculating and evil. How to remain human in a world full of bad people? How to trust people when the one who you as you believed, supported, just sharpening the knife behind your back? How to believe the weather forecasts when meteorologists are wrong all the time? How to believe in love when you invent it himself, having read a beautiful sonnet of Shakespeare? One question in my head constantly does not allow to breathe… How?” – shared thoughts Shulgin.

      Fans sympathized with the beloved singer and admitted that very often good people faced with ingratitude. They wished Shulgina remain the same good person, but to be careful in dealing with the environment. “Breathe deeply, greedily! And love continue to live, and life happens, the example is the life of your mom”, “Now kindness and sincerity see as weakness and use! Sad…..But we need to adapt to not hurt every time,” “Anna, you have to believe all, to love all, to give his good mood, but from the evil people away . Please stay kind, cheerful and cheerful girl” – had been trying to cheer Anna fans.

      Some followers shared similar life stories. The singer highly appreciated the comments from their followers and admitted that he felt the support of caring to the situation of the people. “Such a large number of comments and their stories. Deliriously happy,” wrote Anna, thus thanking subscribers for sincerity.