Anna Semenovich told about the new relationship

Анна Семенович рассказала о новых отношениях
The love story singer is “encrypted” in his song.

Anna Semenovich

Popular singer and renowned hit maker Alex Romanoff officially
announced the beginning of a relationship, noting that we are talking about relations creative. Anna and Alex presented the summer
hit “I Want to be with you.” It’s the dance anthem of love, which is
the test of time, and no matter what, always wins. New work has
caused a stormy discussion in social networks and forums. Many of them heard in
the lines of the song “I can Not believe that after so many years you did to me
proposal” a direct reference to changes in the personal life of the artist. The singer,
however, this does not confirm nor deny. The song is both praised and criticized,
that, according to Anna Semenovich — well.

“No indifferent listeners. So,
written by Alex song evokes emotion, listen to it, discuss. I
absolutely certain in this work — said the mayor. Alexey Romanoff
we have been friends for many years, well know each other. And it’s only right
feel me, my mood, which is transmitted in the “I Want to be with you.”
I am very glad that we have formed not only friendships, but now
creative Union. I promise you once our couple is very surprising. Very soon
will shoot very provocative and unexpected video for this song.
His script — is a big mystery. But I can say that the Director will be like this
the same reckless and the brave Alexey Vorobyov”.

“I am pleased that I was invited to shoot this clip as
Director. Anya talked about their ideas. I shared my, — says Alexey Vorobyov. — I have long there are some fairly non-standard uncut
ideas that are not solved by many artists. But Anna Semenovich
to experiment and not afraid of surprise. We also invite clip several
well-known and very unexpected. I Want to do something new, not fresh and
nice scandalous. Such viewers have not yet seen. I hope that we
will succeed”.

“We have formed a very organic couple. I have long thought about the song for
Anya Semenovich. But, all the time. And here it appeared. I think it’s
full hit in her artistic role. The song, as Anya herself. Romantic,
but it is bright, positive. I really like how it is with this work
managed. For me it is also new experience of creating songs of great music from
what I was used to hearing. Good, solid dance hit,
we support an unexpected clip. Good mood all summer
listeners and viewers can guarantee”, said Alexei Romanoff.