Илон Маск пересек океан ради романтического свидания с Эмбер Херд
The billionaire has already included her in his family.

 Илон Маск пересек океан ради романтического свидания с Эмбер Херд

Amber Heard


The Sydney(Australia) was amazed when
romantic couple that came out of the restaurant, late at night, wading in
the streets of the city, billionaire Elon musk and ex-wife of johnny Depp — amber heard.
Because the night was happy and cool, while the actress was in fine silk
evening gown, Mask gallantly offered her his jacket, which helped heard
keep warm. Both looked completely happy.

Curiously, the extremely busy Musk flew in on a private
the plane to Australia not by works, but only for a date with heard. And arrived
it is here that he is not alone, but with two of their five
sons from a previous marriage — Talalay
Riley. And the whole company, that is, Musk, sons, and herd, having fun together, when amber was free
from the filming. Currently, Hurd starred in the Aquaman — superhero
the movie, in which she plays one of the best roles.

Although the Musk and heard met in 2013, their romance began
much later, after the actress was at the time fascinated Depp. Rumors,
what Elon and amber meet, began to spread only in the past
year. They were seen together in July last
years in Miami. But after Hurd completed his divorce with Depp, they
finally ceased to hide their relationship. In April of this year, the actress
posted in his microblog joint photo with Hardom, with a
them on the cheek Ilona clearly seen trace of lipstick amber. And a little more
later, the father of the actress said that his daughter and the Mask have very serious
relationships, moreover, they intend to get married and have children…

Amber heard and Elon Musk