Anna Semenovich is targeting the oligarch!

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!
The singer establishes privacy in the resort.

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

the company of two friends Anna Semenovich has arrived to the resort to find the best party
among the crowd of millionaires.

The hotel also offers one of the reputable resort hotels near St. Petersburg was very surprised to see on the territory of the strange trio hunters
rich men, and even led by the popular singer Anna Semenovich.
Girls are so attracted General attention that others did not immediately
noticed the lights and cameras. Only after the team of Director Alexander Igudin
“Action!”, everyone understood that around are shooting the new romantic
clip of Anna Semenovich on new song “story”.

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

The plot of the movie, Anna and her two friends, the role which was played by bloggers Nika
Viper and Maria Roslyakova, arrive at the resort, get on a private party,
to establish a personal life and meet rich men.

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

Enviable rich played a famous athlete, judoist Dmitry Nosov,
popular blogger Alexander Khomenko. The role of the third and the most charismatic
rich performed a real Russian oligarch Alexander Roslyakov. Known
the businessman was previously a member of the popular reality TV “Secret millionaire”, but
to embody on the screen an artistic image he had for the first time. According to
video Director Alexander Igudin that Alexander coped
great. Not worse and sometimes even better than his more experienced in dealing with
camera colleagues.

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

“Guys for “hunting” we got what we need.
Beautiful, successful, real men. A real dream of every girl. For such
even in the music video “hunt” was a pleasure. Us girls
of course, I had to seriously work on their images and heroines. We are all in
the life of a girl not too simple, successful and self-sufficient. And in the clip we typical
Trinity girls looking for rich grooms who are in search of a beautiful life come
the resort on the last money, hoping to leave with guests on a private jet.
Very urgent story. The clip is filmed with a great sense of humor
very funny” — says Anna Semenovich.

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

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  • Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!


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    Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!


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Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

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  • Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!
    Anna Semenovich

Анна Семенович охотится на олигарха!

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