Татьяна Лазарева честно рассказала о крушении своего брака
TV presenter admitted that went with her husband to different countries.

Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail SAC

Photo: Social networks

Tatyana Lazareva admitted that two years ago decided to part with her husband. The presenter with the children moved to Spain, and her husband work in Moscow to relocate refused. This was the reason why each of the spouses began to live his life.

“It so happened that we live a new life alone…” — said Tatiana. Two years ago Lazarev during the next vacation he realized that he wanted to stay and live in Marbella. The children readily agreed to move, and Michael this prospect did not like. Then he and his wife had a Frank conversation.

“When I made the decision, and all decisions in our family are taking usually I am, I said — “I can’t”. Well, that is me and there is no work, and there is no work, well, I’m better there will be. Especially with the school it was obvious: I don’t find here in Moscow for the school that will suit me as a mother — says Lazarev. I gathered everyone and said, “I’m staying here.” And they’re like, “Well, okay.” All except Michael. And he said, “And I, mom, am I going to do?” “I don’t know what to do. Do what you want” — “Well, I’m not here in this hole” — “Let you in Moscow, I here more and will be back…”

While the couple continues to chat, because for so many years of living together become each other native people. Tatiana did not want to lose Michael, but she realizes that everything changes. “He kind of has its own story, and he really this cool, I see I have my own story, and I really good too. But we want to be together, and that’s certainly a very interesting problem…” — said Tatiana in an interview for the channel “And talk?”.