Анна Семенович готова к статусу матери-одиночки The actress said that they will be able to provide future heirs. According to women to give birth to the child should, first and foremost, for yourself. It does not exclude that there must be a beloved man. However, according to singer, we should always be prepared for the fact that the chosen one can leave a family.

      Over a long period of time Anna Semenovich did not dare to communicate on the subject of motherhood. However, it now increasingly talking about the new addition to the family, claiming up to 30 years and never thought about it. The artist is of the opinion that babies should not for men but for themselves. Anna says that he saw a lot of family dramas and tragedies, when marriages were dissolved on the initiative of the representatives of the stronger sex. They were removed from duties of the head of the family and left his wife and child.

      Anna Semenovich is preparing to become a mother

      Singer argues that it is necessary to prepare for the fact that after they have a baby, the chosen one may want to break off the relationship. According to Semenovich, millions of men do not stand up to the pressure Samsung to get this point, they quickly stop fighting. For this reason any woman is very important to think about the fact that the pregnancy was the best gift for her.

      “I do believe that every woman should give birth by and large for themselves. After all, how many stories, when you give birth “for men” and then he leaves her with a child. Millions!” – says Anna.

      It should be noted that with this mood of Anna does not change the fact that the ideal would be those relationships where there are still beloved and caring man, who will love your baby and do not disperse with the mother of the child. S. focuses on the fact that children should always be welcome, otherwise from birth they are doomed to unhappiness. According to the artist, it is very important that parents protect the baby and cared for him.

      “Of course, I wish my baby was coveted not only for me but for his father. It is important that the first breath of the baby in the womb was spodvignulo love. Every pregnancy is God’s work”, – said the mayor.

      I must say that Anna Semenovich considers it wrong to set the women’s age limits. She felt bad that society thinks in stereotypes and thinking about what to give birth after 30 years is meaningless. Celebrity confidently declares that ennobles pregnancy at any age. Most importantly, as told by the singer to consciously approach this time. Anna watching their health, eats right, so planning to give birth to the firstborn about 40 years. Important for her is to have the right person. “I dream about that at the moment of conception I was in love with the future father of the child, and he loved me. How the mother feels during pregnancy, and what mood she wears a toddler — it will affect his future”, – said the artist in an interview Teleprogramma.pro.