Yana Rudkovskaya came to the defense of the younger son

Яна Рудковская встала на защиту младшего сына The producer said that the three-year Sasha in Instagram declared war. Yana Rudkovskaya outraged by the actions of some people who have written complaints on a microblog that she leads on behalf of his heir. Star mother can’t understand who is haunted by the fame and popularity of her young son.

      Jan 6, son of producer Yana Rudkovskaya and Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko and Sasha will be four years. A nasty surprise for the little boy and his parents on the eve of the birthday made enemies of the star family.

      The fact that the microblog Sasha Plushenko Instagram, which from his name because of the young age of the baby has his mother Yana Rudkovskaya, complained some citizens. It came down to the fact that parents of Dwarf Gnomic how Sasha’s name is in the family, had to produce documents confirming his identity. Yana Rudkovskaya, to the limit angered by the actions of ill-wishers told about this ugly history in the microblog. Sasha’s mother Plushenko genuinely do not understand who could stop her son.

      “Who haunted the little boy trudaine that in three years, gathers applause at the show no less than his famous dad, until today, remained a mystery, but today we learned the names of these comrades. Ashamed of you guys! It is clear that the lower stuff that you did for the holidays, so we could not restore justice! What you fighting with mom and dad Sasha can not handle, but only that such act, suggests that you are really unhappy people and only God will judge” – emotionally spoke Yana Rudkovskaya.

      Microblogging Sasha Plushenko in Instagram really is very popular, the baby more than one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers. And the posts always gather tens of thousands of likes. Yana Rudkovskaya not so long ago introduced the tradition to spread in the microblog not only photos of her son Sasha, but also short videos with it. The videos, which the kid answers to the questions mom or dad, are very popular with subscribers microblog. Reasoning Sasha or video with his pranks always filled with such kindness and love that cause the same reaction in everyone who watches the videos with a Dwarf Gemachim in the title role. Son Rudkovskaya and Plushenko made an unexpected confession

      It is worth noting that the son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko precocious. Despite his young age, Sasha is very intelligent and shows interest in various activities. And not so long ago I Gnomic performed in front of thousands of spectators, making his debut on the ice to show his dad “the Nutcracker”.