Анна Семенович  борется с болезнью
The singer shared with the subscribers of the sad news.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

As it is surprising, but easy to catch a cold in the summer. Air conditioners indoors and in cars, drinks with ice — that’s why it’s easy to get sick. Directly it touched and Anna Semenovich. The singer shared the sad news, published in his microblog photo with medicines. “So it’s a shame to be sick in the summer— says the mayor. — But it happens!”. Fans of the singer
immediately began to give his favorite tips to quickly recover.

when it’s hot outside — seriously the disease is transferred. Get well”, —
support Anna subscribers.

S. in
turn in the following post thanked everyone for their concern and also
shared a couple of tips. “Dear friends, thank you for your support and
wishes for good health. I saw the previous review
post that many of my subscribers are sick, too. I
you heartily wish you a speedy recovery. Taking medicine, vitamin
fruit drinks and get plenty of sleep, don’t forget to ventilate the room and believing that tomorrow
we’ll all be okay, ” says the artist. Positive
thinking is especially helpful during illness, on a day like this you can lie
at home and not in a hurry, read your favorite book and of course to sleep. Blessing
good and let’s allow ourselves today, something delicious. Together we shall win, my dear.”

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