Gloves Daniel Craig has cost the filmmakers a mind-boggling amount

Перчатки Дэниела Крейга обошлись создателям фильма в умопомрачительную сумму
In the battle for the role of bond good by any means.

Перчатки Дэниела Крейга обошлись создателям фильма в умопомрачительную сумму

Daniel Craig in the film
007: Coordinates “Skayfoll”


while the topic of who will become the next 007 – hardly probable not the most discussed
“okoloogilisuse” press. Today the main contenders — after “resignation”
Daniel Craig, who played bond 4 times already, considered Idris Elba, Tom hardy and Tom
Hiddleston. The latter, as claimed, is still a favorite. Hiddleston has already met with the producer of the “James bond” Barbara Broccoli, but no final decision yet. And here, as claimed by detractors of the actor, Tom came up with the original
PR stunt — and decided to raise the level of his popularity at the expense of the novel
Taylor Swift.

In the
in the last couple of weeks was not the day that for the first
the strips almost all the editions of the planet
did not appear new photos of swift and Hiddleston. Lovers in the Hamptons, they
same in Nashville, and later the same couple in Britain, the birthplace of actor… He’s already
managed to meet her mother and to introduce Taylor to their parents — and all this for only a month that passed since
then, as swift threw Calvin Harris! But the most suspicious terms
detractors of Hiddleston, is the fact that before neither Tom nor
Taylor never acted like that and did not advertise his personal life. In any case, definitely not substituted by paparazzi,
as it is now… Right envious of Hiddleston or not, that is whether he
lost his head from love or just decided to become more and more popular at any price –

As for Daniel Craig, but in the social network (on the page of journalist Charlie Lin) there was an interesting story about how the damage inflicted on the budget of the film “Skyfall” his gloves. Daniel during filming, bought stylish gloves and insisted that is to do them in. The shooting of the episode had passed, and only several days later, the creators
caught on film: the bond in that episode in any case should not be wearing gloves, because he used the scanner for fingerprint recognition! The reshoot
was unthinkable, because it was about the episode in the Shanghai casino with fabulous
expensive decorations and complex tricks. Had to “charge” artists, computer scientists who spent a lot of costly time but the gloves from the hands of the actor in this scene has disappeared.

Tom Hiddleston with Taylor swift

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