Anna Semenovich celebrated its 38 anniversary

Анна Семенович с размахом отметила свое 38-летие
The singer brought friends together in the Metropolitan restaurant.

Анна Семенович с размахом отметила свое 38-летие

Photo: Instagram

Anna Semenovich loves his birthday and absolutely not worried for what has become another year older. She knows for sure: all the good things yet to come, and it will be another great year.

Morning the singer had as usual she woke up, ran 6 miles on the treadmill and made myself a healthy Breakfast.

“It was good, but this is not a reason to abandon the sport and right food! — says the star. — And now we can celebrate!”

Photo: Instagram

All day, as usual, Anna went to work, and in the evening gathered their celebrity friends in one of the Moscow restaurants in the centre of the city. To congratulate Sobyanin came figure skater Tatiana Navka and Anastasia Grebenkina, ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle, Kseniya Novikova and with their husbands, the soloist of group “Ivanushki Int” Andrey Grigoriev-Apollos with his wife and others. The youngest guest of the evening was the young son of Nadia Handle, which is well-behaved and entertained adults. The company, incidentally, generally had fun, it attracted the attention of other guests, but not for its famous faces and explosions of laughter. At the end of the holiday the waiters made a huge cake.

Oh desires wished for ??? Cake magic , and then everything will come true ?? My favorite POSITIVI share with you my great mood ? Girls thank you for the delicious and very elegant cake ? @cake_by_iva ate it to the last crumb ????? #birthday #prazdnichnye #1 March #scantiest #basemenu #positivity???

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“Oh desires made! — admitted the mayor. Cake magic, so all will come true! It was one of my best birthdays. Woke up this morning covered in flowers and gifts, I smiled like a child and even cried a little from the feelings that filled my every cell. How cool to have such friends!”

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