Exclusive! Wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan said, for someone like their newborn daughter

Эксклюзив! Жена Эммануила Виторгана рассказала, на кого похожа их новорожденная дочь
Irina Vitorgan revealed the character and appearance of the newborn baby.

Immanuel and Irina Vitorgan

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Irina Vitorgan, becoming a mom for the first time on 26 February, told
for someone like with Emmanuel Vitorgan daughter. According to the happy mom,
little Ethel is just a copy of the father.

“When I read that Ethel means — noble,then realized
with a choice named “get the point” Emmanuel we have such noble and
the daughter looks like him — the same dark hair, Lomachenko, she’s the same as the
Hummocky nose, lips and forehead (forehead she the same as her nephew Plato
— we noticed on the ultrasound), told 7days.ru Irina. — Daughter
very calm and educated: virtually no crying – eat and sleep. When
drove her home from the hospital, she only once cried quickly and calmed down.
Of course, we are infinitely happy.”

For 55–year-old Irene’s first child, a 78-year-old
Emanuel Gedeonovich already have adult daughter and son and several grandchildren. Recall
that Emmanuil Vitorgan and his wife Irina became parents, it became known yesterday. According to a close friend of the happy parents to a miracle happened, the couple used IVF. But the services of a surrogate mother to resort did not, Irina gave birth to and bore a child alone.