Сати Казанова раскрыла секрет красоты своих волос
The singer shared his knowledge with his fans.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Casanova, which has always delighted fans with their beauty, continues to share his beauty secrets. At this time, the singer told how to achieve the same gorgeous hair as her own.

“In order for my hair was thick, less fall out and shining, I do the following procedure: after I washed off the shampoo, conditioner or mask, I’m having a cold shower to the hair and scalp (by the way, and the body too!). First, the maximum hot water and then cold and so several times. Invigorates!!! In General, the condition of the hair depends directly on female hormones and nutrition. Adding more food in coconut oil, avocado, ghee, Promyslova itself from within, can largely hair problem to solve. Sleep well, smile and, most importantly, be relaxed. The voltage us is not to face! Wear beautiful dresses, get out of udobnenkih things!”

34-year-old singer always looks great on stage and in everyday life, so you can trust her! Casanova — the girl is very bright, so she don’t have to use cosmetics to beautify themselves. She has dark eyes, black eyebrows and eyelashes. Perfect skin is the result of self-care and proper nutrition. The singer has downloadables from meat, fish, eggs and seafood. However, not for beauty, not for the love of animals, and because it brings to life the energy of fear and aggression. According to Ayurveda, the traditional Indian science of right living.