Анна Седокова воссоединилась с младшей дочкой
Monica celebrated his birthday in Kiev with my mother.

Anna Sedokova with her daughters Alina and Monica

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova, who for months fought for
the right to see his youngest daughter, Monica, said yesterday the
happy in life. She finally managed to see the girl she
been apart for almost six months. Thursday our baby turned 7 years old, and she
found mother in his native Kiev.

“7 years ago my life came to an incredible girl.
We named her Monica and knew that her life would be filled with love! —
shares memories Sedokova. And she taught me. And never
to surrender, to fight for the most important and never give up! Now, going
the most difficult period in your life, and embracing it, I realize that Monica showed me
the most important lesson in life: love always triumphs over anger, resentment, jealousy,
greed. Love is always paramount! Happy birthday, my little flower! I will do everything to make you happy
and loved”.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Sedokova and
Cherniavsky came
agreement to fight for custody of my daughter. The singer and her ex-husband signed
the settlement agreement that established the right of girl’s education. Anna could
to persuade the family of the former spouse to compromise. Now custody of Monica
parents shared equally. That is, half the time she will spend with
dad and another with mom. To live it, as before, will be in America, as
in school Los Angeles. Anna will be able to spend with my daughter holidays, and also
to meet with her at any time without guards.