Принцесса Евгения пытается скопировать свадьбу Меган Маркл
Granddaughter of the Queen is jealous of Megan?.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Busbank


28-year-old Eugenia, daughter of Prince Andrew and granddaughter
Elizabeth is preparing to organize a wedding with an impressive scale. She was invited to his wedding with Jack Boxbeam one thousand two hundred guests! They will be able to attend the celebration at Windsor castle!

“The invitees will be able to observe the arrival
members of the Royal family and the bride and groom to the Church, and at the end
ceremony — the appearance of already obvenchatsya newlyweds.
After which guests can admire the procession of carriages, in which the groom and bride
the bride will pass through the territory of the castle and Windsor….” reads
official statement. However, in order to get such an opportunity,
applicants must declare their intention to visit the castle that day. Applications must be submitted before August 8.

Many Britons have the impression that
Eugene tries to copy the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. After all, Markle
and the Prince for the first time in the history of British Royal weddings decided to invite
my marriage ordinary citizens, and exactly the same as is now called Eugene. The idea of a solemn procession of carriages for Windsor it seems to
borrowed from Megan and Harry. Not to mention the fact that marriage, as
it was announced, will be held in the same Church — St. George’s Chapel, and the Banquet in the same hall of the castle.

Wedding Eugenia and Jack will be held on October 12. By the way, the Princess wanted her marriage took place in the summer, but the Queen
refused her request, explaining that many members of the Royal
the family will during this period be absent due to planned visits and

Recall, the Princess and
Brooksbank began Dating in 2010, and the proposal Jack made of Eugenia in January this year, when the couple was on
vacation in Nicaragua.