Anna Sedokova was reunited with his youngest daughter

Анна Седокова воссоединилась с младшей дочерью
The singer has not seen Monica in over a month.

Photo: Instagram

This summer, Anna Sedokova made a very important decision to change their country of residence. Due to the fact that she always had to commute between the US, Russia and Ukraine, she spent very little time with children. And now, when she became the mother of many children, moving away from home has become more difficult. So, Anna decided to move to Moscow. She omits only one thing: her ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy refused to release their common daughter Monica to Russia. The girl was born in the United States, it is the American, this year went to a local school. So Sedokova had to go with the senior and Junior Alina Herman. To visit the Monika Anna may, at any time when she wants.

Long without his “little sun” Sedokova are unable. How would criticise it in the Network, the singer is a very good mother. She is friends with their children, and they have it in the first place. Sending Alina to school in Moscow and making sure that her daughter has been well received in the new class, Sedokova bought tickets to Los Angeles and rushed to hug Monica.

“Love is when you’re crazy “without the” every second, — wrote Anna in a personal blog. — Love is when cannot live without. Love is when you can’t natrahatsya, yalovitsa, nonimate. Love is when you look gopher, and she is a Goddess. Love — CHILDREN!”

Monica, too, was not easy, as no grandmothers and nannies can’t replace the girl favorite mom. But while they would have to live in two countries. Perhaps when Monica was older, her dad will be letting go to Russia on vacation.