Анна Седокова приучила трехмесячного сына спать по ночам
The singer shared a simple and efficient way.

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova discovered the secret of how she managed to accustom to sleep
at night his three son Hector. It turned out, the singer became
new-fangled gadget that helps baby fall asleep easily even if the baby woke up
in their spare time.

“I am often asked how I have time to record the songs
go to concerts, meet fans and to educate children, —
shared star. — Now I will tell you a story about an interesting toy
that often helps me. My friends know that I’m a modern mom and love
all sorts of experiments. Therefore advised before the birth of Hector to order
Teddy assistant. At first I didn’t understand how toy lulls baby,
if he’s restless sleep, and buy and try it out, didn’t have time. Once I
rewrote the party votes for new songs. The Studio took the baby
how to leave was not with anyone. By a happy coincidence, this
the day I had a toy that helps to sleep. I put close to
Hector this funny Teddy bear. As soon as my baby started to whimper,
the toy is automatically turned to him “pink noise”. Such sounds children
even before birth hear in the womb. And what do you think? Voila! My angel
fell asleep in a matter of minutes. I was in shock. So I forgot what it means to be on duty at
cot. Now cute gadget became the best friend of Hector, with whom he
not parted, even when we walk or in the road!”

We will remind, Anna Sedokova gave birth to her third baby nine
APR. Childbirth passed in one of the most famous clinic in Los Angeles, where
he was born the children of Madonna, Mila Jovovich and Christina Aguilera. In addition
son of Hector, Anna has grown up two daughters — Monica, from her marriage with Maxim
Cherniavsky and Alina, whose father (football player Valentin Belkevich) died in