Robert Pattinson confirmed that he engaged with his beloved

Роберт Паттинсон подтвердил, что обручился со своей любимой
The actor spoke about psychological problems.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs


During his recent interview on TV show
Howard stern, host decided to just ask Robert Pattinson, who is known for his reticence, if he is officially engaged with his girlfriend
Waist Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA Twigs. “Yes,
something like that,” muttered the actor.

When stern asked puzzled
to explain what this means, Pattinson said: “For me the situation is extremely
painful. It is very difficult to hide in public their feelings. But you have
to make a difficult choice, not to flaunt our every step is clearly
not quite sane people, which are many among the fans of “Twilight.” After all
they tend to react to some abnormal way…”

Apparently, Robert was referring to the fact that when the Waist still started Dating him, she was subjected to harassment from fans of Pattinson. And it was not just
symptoms usual in such situations, the jealousy of fans to the idol, and aggressive
attacks and threats with a racist slant. After this Robert became extremely rare
appearing anywhere with Barnett, and
when they came somewhere together, then tried to keep
“pioneer” distance.

Recall that Robert and Waist started
to meet once in 2014. And next spring on the arm Barnett
came the ring, which all considered engagement. And soon after that buddy
Waist, American singer T-Pain confirmed that Barnett and Pattinson
officially became the groom and the bride.