Alena Vodonaeva is suffering from an incurable phobia

Алена Водонаева страдает от неизлечимой фобии
The former star of “House-2” admitted that is afraid to fly.

Alena Vodonaeva

Photo: Instagram

Alain Vodonaeva admitted that after one extreme flight now can not defeat his phobia. The star is afraid of planes, and that when it is working very
complicates life.

“I would love to travel more, but I’m so afraid
to fly… — says Alain.
— I nothing helped. Neither neuro-linguistic programming or
psychologist or meditation… Relaxation with alcohol for me
impossible option! At the same time, my father when I was little was flying. His first
education and work associated with the aircraft. I know all about planes since childhood ruled
machines at the airport “Roschino” in Tyumen. But this does not rule out
does not help me to overcome aerophobia. So when you start
to tell you about the safest form of transport and so forth, I switched off and not
listen to the interlocutor. I know. Better than most. But can not do anything,
this is my one great fear!”

Alain even started to look for fellow sufferers among their
fans. According to Vodonaevoy, fear appeared about ten years ago, after
not a very good flight.