Anna Sedokova renounced small child

Анна Седокова отреклась от маленького ребенка
The singer responded to rumors about affair with soloists of the M-Band.

Anna Sedokova with Anatoliy Tsoy and child

Photo: @annasedokova (Anna Sedokova Instagram)

Anna Sedokova finally talked about what kind of relationship it is associated with Anatoly Tsoi. Today, the Network again raised a wave of rumors about the affair the two artists. It happened after Anna has published another provocative photo with the lead singer of the band M-Band. Photo Sedokova and Choi is pictured with a small child in her arms. Under this photo, the singer left a signature that read that many thought that the photo captures Anne’s son Hector.

“Girls, we have large us 6 months. When the house doing something in the kitchen, our gentleman sitting in a wheelchair refuses. Buy a high chair? What do you recommend? What brand is the coolest? And walkers? You what age do I have to use steel? We urgently need your advice!” — wrote Sedokova.

A little later, Anne publicly renounced the child depicted in the photo, explaining that it was not her son. To calm vzvolnovala fans, the actress made a statement. “So.Let’s stop. Once and for all. Anatoly and I have no kids together, — has dispelled rumors Anna. — The picture is not a Hector, and a beautiful baby boy from Astana, moreover, they pointed out that this is a photoshop and made it our favorite fangroup, attention which I really appreciate and spread the work! It gives me great thrill to the fans of Shred, I love you girls. But Anatoly binds exceptionally strong friendship and a huge respect for the talent each other!”

Meanwhile, the identity of the father son Anna left for her fans is a mystery. There were rumors that they might be Artyom Komarov, the son of a millionaire, but the singer did not confirm this information.